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Jennifer “jezebel” Jenkins leaving the home of Robert Burns moments before her
special meeting to mandate masks in Brevard Public Schools

While taxpayers pay Jennifer “Jezebel” Jenkins for her school board duties, many of those hours are spent in the home of political consultant, convicted sexual offender and welfare queen Robert Burns. The same home that taxpayers recently paid about $8,200 so Burns could fend off an eviction from his landlord – even after receiving nearly sixty thousand dollars in PPP loans to himself under multiple illegal filings.

Jennifer Jenkins has made a name for herself as a professional victim – talking about all kinds of supposed dangers faced by her family by being on the school board. But she doesn’t seem all that worried about hanging around with a known rapist and child abuser. A political consultant who has a documented history of abuse against women.

She likes to talk about her beloved husband, but we wonder if Sam Jenkins is aware that while he is educating our precious children at a Brevard Public School, his wife finds comfort in the home of Robert Burns. In the past month alone, we have documented Sam Jenkins’s wife, Jennifer, exiting Robert Burns’ private home nine times, spending an average of more than two hours inside each time! Who knows how many other secret rendezvous have taken place!

We aren’t sure what is worse – her Saturday night visits while away from her family or the hours she is spending in his house during business hours when she is supposed to be working for us while we pay her salary as a Brevard County School Board member.

We can think of no professional reason for these two to be spending dozens of hours in private in his home – her a married woman with a young child (as she likes to remind us so often) – him an unemployed criminal with convictions for violence against women and sexual misconduct. In addition, Burns has been alleged to have raped and/or sodomized five women, at least two instances of which were investigated by the military, and at least one of which he was charged and convicted in a plea deal. He’s even been charged with possession of the date rape drug he used on his victims. And he was charged with child abuse for abandoning his son – who he no longer is able to have any contact with – in a car while he gambled in a casino all day.

Burns is unemployed, on full-time disability (achieved under questionable circumstances) and, according to his own government filings, has not made a single penny of other income this year. (Not including the nearly $60,000 in PPP money he received a month before his $8,200 provided by Brevard County – but that is for a future update!)

So what is she doing there, alone, for nearly twenty hours this month? And what are they doing that couldn’t be done in public, at a Starbucks? We just have one “BURN”ing question? Were they six feet apart and wearing a mask?