“Anti-Cop” injunction??

As the sage heats up between the “anti-cop” Space Coast Rocket blog owner Robert Burns, we have learned that prior to the issuance of the stalking injunction, a stern warning was issued to Mr. Burns by the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association’s General Counsel. The Coastal PBA represents over twenty Law Enforcement agencies and their members.

It is already documented by many sources that Mr. Burns has a long Rap sheet and run-ins with Law Enforcement so having a neighbor who serves our community was apparently too much for him. While some local news sources make this incident purely “political” and rush to his aid, there is nothing political about ongoing harassment of a Law Enforcement family!

Reports also claim that Brevard school board official Jennifer Jenkins was with Robert Burns as he berated the victim for over 30 minutes.

More information to follow once it is received to our team!