Get your reward!

Since the COVID Payroll Protection Program, the Department of Justice has criminally prosecuted over 50 fraudsters for ripping off both the American people and the Government. Even more, the Federal Government has announced that the whistleblowers are entitled up to 30 percent of the recovered monies and their complainant information is sealed an not made available. Law Firms are now getting involved for the complainants to represent them as whistleblowers through the process.

For example, As Robert Burns filed three PPP loans that he was not qualified for that netted him at total of $57,186, the whistleblower could be entitled up to thirty percent, or $17,155.80. Yes, over seventeen thousand dollars1

Why wasn’t Mr. Burns qualified? First, Robert indicated to the Brevard County Housing Rental assistance that he did not file taxes and only lived on his disability income. Robert then received, from this claim, an additional $8,205 from the Brevard County Government.

Also any business or person(s) engaged in lobby or political operations, such as a political campaign manager, is not eligible for ANY PPP loan. Even more, applying as a corporation and a sole proprietor is multiple filings and not allowed!

But how does one report PPP fraud? You can call the Office of Inspector General (OIG) at:

1-800-767-0385 or online at:

Here are the breakdown on PPP issued to Robert Burns illegally and to retain one person – HIMSELF!

1) RB3 Ventures LLC – Rockledge – $20,832 on April 02, 2021 from Capital Plus Financial LLC (Loan #5697118709)

2) Robert Burns – Rockledge – $18,177 on April 12, 2021 from Fountainhead SBF LLC (1st round) (Loan #2492458807)

3) Robert Burns – Rockledge – $18,177 on May 11, 2021 from Fountainhead SBF LLC (2nd round) (Loan #8142908906)

According to Robert Burns in sworn documents to the Brevard County Rental Assistance Program he did not receive any prior assistance, did not file taxes and only received his disability income!

Profit and Loss Statement Robert Burns submitted to Brevard County claiming NO PAYROLL which was required to obtain a PPP loan
Here is where Robert Burns indicated on July 12, 2021 that he did not file taxes, which is a requirement for any of the three PPP Loans he received two months prior.

Robert Burns claimed that if Dog the Bounty Hunter finds Brian Laundrie, he was was never paying taxes again……. appears he doesn’t pay taxes and only receives taxes fraudulently from every working American! Contact the SBA today to receive your whistleblower award up to $17,155.80!