You paid the rent!

The Space Coast Rocket blog owner Robert Burns cashes in on deceptive filings

In our first article, we broke the story about the dozens of hours married Brevard County School Board Member Jennifer “Jenny on the Block” Jenkins is spending – during business hours when she is drawing a taxpayer salary.- at the rental home of criminal Robert Burns.

When she isn’t on TV talking about how scared she is for her, her beloved husband and child, because she has to deal with constituents who disagree with her views, Jenkins is taking comfort in the home, alone, with serial criminal Robert Burns. As a matter of fact, at the time of this writing our team indicates she is there right now, hours before a school board meeting!

But it gets worse. You the taxpayer is paying for their clubhouse!

Jenkins’ and Burns’ “affair lair” is being paid through illegal taxpayer fraud that cost YOU more than $65,000 in the past six months alone!

On April 1, 2021, Robert Burns stopped paying rent at his home in Rockledge. But he wasn’t broke – he is on 100% disability for things that supposedly happened in the military (it appears that Burns got out of the military early as he faced a court martial for stealing over $22,000 in government equipment and lying to military investigators – stay tuned for a future update!) that pays him over $42,000 a year TO DO NOTHING!

In the 2020 political election cycle Robert Burns made more than $60,000 alone working on the losing political campaigns of Democrat Jim Kennedy for Congress (who ran against Republican Incumbent Bill Posey) and former Democrat Marcie Atkins for State House (who ran against Republican incumbent Randy Fine).

But this year, we guess because of all the time he’s spending with Jenny “On the Clock” Jenkins, he’s chosen not to work.

Instead he’s chosen to scam the Paycheck Protection Loan program, adding it to the rape, sodomy, child abuse, and theft of government property he’s been previously charged with.

So only one day after Burns stopped paying his rent, on April 2nd, of this year, Mr. Burns files for a PPP forgivable loan for his company (that he claims he does not file taxes for), RB3 Ventures, LLC, and claimed he was the only employee and that his “salary” was $100,000 – the maximum “protectable and forgivable under the program.”

Joe Biden wasted no time in stroking him a check (we hear Robert likes to be stroked), and Burns got the maximum allowable amount he could – $20,832. That money was specifically allocated to fund HIS salary in his company.

But hey, if you can scam the government for a PPP loan once, why not do it twice?

Just ten days later – and twelve days after he stopped paying his rent, Burns filed for another loan, with a different lender, this time as a “sole proprietorship” where he was the only employee, and guess what? He got stroked again, this time for $18,177.

But hey, if you can scam the Federal government for a PPP loan twice, why not do it three times? On May 11th, when he still has not paid his rent despite already getting two forgivable paycheck loans for the feds, he filed as a “sole proprietorship” AGAIN and got ANOTHER $18,177.

Yep, that’s right, almost $60,000 – none of which he actually qualified for.

How do we know this? Well, under the PPP law, companies or a person engaged in politics – like campaign consultants – are specifically excluded from applying – and receiving – any PPP loan, let alone three for himself!

So you think that with nearly $60,000 of fresh taxpayer money in his pocket – which he swore under oath would be used to pay himself – he’d get back to paying his rent so he and Jennifer can get back to hanging out in the “affair lair.”

You’d be wrong!!! Robert Burns then went to the Brevard County Government and applied for rental assistance under the Cares Act monies available to those in real need, and claimed HE WAS GETTING NO ASSISTANCE FROM ANYONE AND HAD NO INCOME – again swearing under oath.

Burns got stroked again! This time for $8,205 from Brevard County rental assistance program to pay off his eviction, that was already filed in the Brevard County Clerks office! Months of back rent, late charges, and court fees paid by the taxpayer funded rental program! Burns even told his landlord that the County had committed to pay his rent through the end of the year!

Burns repeatedly perjured himself in this application available through public records, among other things claiming he had no money or assets, and his only income was through his military disability. As tax returns are a Brevard rental assistance requirement, he claimed he did not file tax returns. He submitted a profit and loss statement claiming that his only income was a Veterans disability of $3,548 monthly, and his expenses of $6,500 a month. That would be a negative household income of $2,952 monthly which is not even possible or sustainable. Tax returns are a requirement by Brevard County and to keep his claimed income low he swore he did not file tax returns. But they are a requirement to obtain a PPP loan, let alone the three he got…..

So you read that right – while so many Brevard families are struggling to deal with the effects of COVID and a rising increase in the cost of living, political operative Robert Burns got $65,931 of your tax dollars to live off of. All while spending his workdays hanging out with Jennifer Jenkins in a home paid by YOU!

We’ve submitted all of this to the appropriate authorities and we’re looking forward to tracking School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins’s visits to Robert Burns in jail!

We also call on the Brevard County Commission to investigation how Burns could have gotten $8,200 of our hard-earned tax dollars on the honor system and providing shoddy and incomplete documentation.

The documentation and proof is here below!

PPP Loan #1

RB3 Ventures LLC – Merketing Consulting Services 04/02/2021

Loan Size:$20,832

Jobs Retained:1

Lender: Capital Plus Financial, LLC


Robert Burns / Rockledge FL Advertising Agency (sole proprietorship) 04/12/2021

Loan Size:$18,177

Jobs Retained:1

Lender:Fountainhead SBF LLC

PPP Loan #3

Robert Burns / Rockledge FL Advertising Agency (sole proprietorship) 05/11/2021

Loan Size:$18,177

Jobs Retained:1

Lender:Fountainhead SBF LLC

So the timeline is:

April 02, 2021 – Filed for a forgivable PPP Loan for himself through RB3 Ventures – Amount received $20,832

April 12, 2021 – Filed for a forgivable PPP Loan for himself as a sole proprietor – Amount received $18,177

May 11, 2021 – Filed for a forgivable PPP Loan for himself as a sole proprietor – Amount received $18,,177

July 12, 2021 – Filed for Rental assistance with Brevard County – Amount received $8,205

TOTAL RECEIVED from taxpayers – $65,931

Here are the campaign expenditure reports that would have required Burns to file tax returns!

Above is Marcie Atkins expenditures to Mr. Burns, available publicly online through the Florida Division of Elections.

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  1. Everything about him is fraudulent. The only thing “disabled” about him is his mental state. Why doesn’t he move to a neighborhood that he can afford and with like minded people? Near his cousin in Palm Bay or beachside with his adulterer Jenkins? His character and way of life does not fit in with Viera. But he is a victim of Covid and that’s why he can’t pay his bills. Total LOSER. No dignity or self respect.

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